What Factors Promote Success in Lead Generation?

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Published: 21st March 2011
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Today, companies in the Land Down Under face their toughest competition ever. Empowering marketing function, however, gives an Aussie firm a better chance of outperforming competition. The cornerstone of a well-conceived and successfully implemented marketing is through a strong lead generation program. Business organizations in Australia have to find better ways to connect with customers, qualify those that are highly interested in appointments, and finally, close a sale. It will be best to put sales leads as the centre of corporate culture. Australian business entities should not only be adept in building high-quality products or services, but must also gain competitive advantage in their marketing endeavors. After all, it is through good techniques in generating sales leads that profits will be appreciated.

Ultimately, lead generation is the art of attracting and keeping profitable sales leads. The challenge therefore lies on the ability of an Aussie business organisation to qualify sales prospects, who will become the company's prime assets. In this case, companies must rely heavily on different factors that will promote success in generating qualified sales leads. These resources must include, but are not limited to:

•KNOWLEDGE. No Aussie firm can bring a campaign to victory if the managers handling it do not have the background and foundation. A company that does not know how to run a lead generation program must not pursue such undertaking. Ignorance alone is enough to abort this mission before the inevitable happens, e.g. money and time wasted for nothing. Disaster will be the only expected result of a campaign that is operated without the understanding of the framework. Now, more than ever, there is no room for uncertainties, ignorance and errors in the business realm.

•DIRECT MARKETING TOOL. Choosing a marketing instrument is another top factor. The reliability in the reach and response ratios is what must be observed in picking the right medium. It is important to note that a direct marketing tool must not only be cost-efficient, but also has to reach sales prospects of targeted industry/market easily and make them respond right away. Lame channels only prolong sales cycles. Worse than that is an avenue where feedback/rejoinder of sales leads could not be generated too soon. The trend today is to integrate two or more mediums to come up with better results. Why depend on a single medium when two is better than one?

•TECHNOLOGY. The technology that a company should acquire must coincide with the marketing medium applied. If the firm plans for a telemarketing endeavor, then it has to possess telephone and computer systems. The thing is that, the applications possessed must be able to provide a fast and accurate process.

•HUMAN RESOURCES. Perhaps, the most relevant and differential, an outstanding line up of competitive manpower is highly needed in lead generation. These are the people who will communicate with the business leads, and therefore must not be less than the best. They have to be powered by wit, versatility, exemplary conduct and professional behavior in order to establish rapport and be able to qualify high quality fresh B2b sales leads. Included in the should-be powerhouse cast is the management. This is a group of people who clearly knows what they are doing, formulates strategies that are not only cost-effective, but must also be certain and airtight, and implement these plans successfully.

These four factors are some of the basic things to prioritize in lead generation campaigns. However, I bet some Australian companies, upon reading this one, will realize that they are incapacitated to deliver a victorious program. This can be attributed to insufficiency or inability in one or more of the factors above. In this case, the best alternative is to outsource services coming from a telemarketing firm. These reliable service providers do have more than the qualifications to operate a successful undertaking. In this case, the errand that is left for Australian companies is to choose the right partner for them.

Maegan Anderson works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses in AU and SG increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To know more about this visit: http://www.callbox.com.sg/

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